Top 5 Ways This Book Can Help You Get a Job

The top 5 ways this book can help you get a job are:

  1. These strategies work. They can help you get a job. These strategies have been presented and tested for over 10 years at workshops and conferences—with job seekers, human resources experts, recruiters, and hiring managers. I hear success story after success story: Unemployed for two years and got a job. Tripled my income in a year. Changed fields and got a job in a month.
  2. These techniques are easy to follow. The book is written in an easy, step-by-step manner by a professional writer. Each technique is fully described and accompanied with instructions on how you can do it yourself.
  3. You can make more money. Job seekers have used these strategies with great success. Again and again, they tell me how much money they made as a result of using these strategies. Got a job. Got a better job. Got a job that was perfect for me.
  4. You get more than just resume advice. Resume writing and strategizing can cost several hundred dollars. This book provides information on resumes as well as career advice that you don’t have to pay another professional for.
  5. You care most about you. Investment gurus will tell you that nobody cares more about your investments than you do. They mean that even if you are working with the most talented adviser,  the person who actually cares the most about your money is you. It matters most to you, not your adviser, that the job is done right. As with other parts of your life, the person who cares most that you find a job is you. I wrote this book with this view in mind, that you can really create a great resume by doing it yourself.

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