Get the Job with Amazon’s #1 Resume Book

Having Trouble Getting HR’s Attention?

Do you keep applying for jobs online, but don’t get any calls from HR? It is no longer enough that you have the right qualifications—in fact, over 90% of candidates are qualified but don’t know how to present their skills to get HR’s attention.

In the online job hunt, most resumes are never read by human beings. Your resume could be like thousands of others: sitting in an HR database, ignored. It’s possible that the computer even deleted your resume without anybody knowing you applied.

Don’t be ignored by HR. Learn the online job hunt. In this bestselling book, you will learn 100+ proven strategies how to be top-rated in online job systems. Get the Job ranked #1 on the Amazon bestseller list of resume books.

Whether you are a new grad, newcomer, or switching careers, there are strategies you need to know to get the job you want in the online job hunt.

Did You Know

  • Online job systems may delete your resume without any human being ever knowing you applied for the job?
  • The website you used to apply for the job can increase your chances at getting an interview?
  • If you don’t communicate corporate and cultural fit in your resume, HR may not call you for an interview?

Learn the strategies to get top-ranked in HR online job systems.

Top 3 Important Strategies You Will Learn

  1. Learn how HR online job systems work. I work in IT, and have seen the “guts” of these systems and how they are configured to filter, rank, and delete candidates. Your resume ranking can determine your job success.
  2. Understand candidates HR favors and why. I provide easy, step-by-step instructions on how you can significantly improve your ranking in online job systems and get the attention of HR. People who have been unemployed for years use these techniques and get jobs.
  3. Learn +100 strategies to become a top-ranked candidate. These strategies have been presented and tested for over 15 years at workshops and conferences with job seekers, human resources experts, recruiters, and hiring managers. I hear success story after success story: Unemployed for two years and got a job. Tripled my income in a year. Changed fields and got a job in a month. Read more book reviews.