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Many people don’t know that using a poor resume template can significantly hurt their ranking in online job systems. If you have not been getting results with your resume in your online job search, your template may be part of the problem.

Use resume templates that are specifically designed for the online job search. Avoid tables, text boxes, and columns. Use an online font, which is easier to read than a print font. Include keywords in strategic places. Make sure you include critical headings and a summary of qualifications section that matches what the employer is looking for.

Remember, resumes are not biographies, but marketing and strategy documents. You are the product and you are finding buyers. Write your resume for the quick eye scan, so that when HR finds your resume online, you quickly give them a reason to keep reading.

The free resume templates below are a great start to writing a top-ranked online resume. For more information, see the +100 techniques in the book. Not only will your resume look good, it will do what you need it to—get top-ranked in online job systems and the attention of prospective employers. While there are many different templates you can use, here are some favorites: