Book Reviews

“A Tremendous Help”

“I haven’t written a resume since I finished school 20 years ago. I had added to it over the years, but when I found myself on the wrong side of a merger, my resume really looked like it was 20 years old. Pamela’s advice on what to emphasize, and how to structure and lay out the resume to enable the key points to stand out was a tremendous help. Following Pamela’s tips, I had a modern, professional-looking resume that I was very confident in sending out. In short order, I had calls and subsequently contracts coming in.” —T. Hendriks, Google Deployment Specialist

“A Piece of Gold”

“This resume book is a piece of gold for job seekers. It is the first resume book I have found that actually provides practical tips that are easy to understand and follow, and really work. Many resume books are unfortunately highly theoretical, and leave the job seeker in a cloud of confusion. Not so with Ms. Paterson’s book, because as a natural writer and teacher, she has turned the book into a classroom and easily conveyed excellent tips in resume writing. She has provided an entire methodology in resume writing that will greatly benefit job seekers.” —C. Carajan, IT Manager

“A Fantastic Book”

“This is a fantastic book. Pamela did a great job in making resume tips very easy to understand. Even people with no practical writing experience will be able to pick this book up and use it to create an effective resume. As a senior staffing consultant who helps clients and candidates, even I found useful tips that I can pass along to my candidates.”  —J. Gibson, Staffing Consultant

“Clear Way of Communicating”

“Pamela has a clear way of communicating information to people in a way that makes it immediately applicable to their needs. I have also asked her to present to my students and clients on workshops related to resumes and job finding skills. Her knowledge and effectiveness in transferring it to others is wonderful, and she can take subjects and make them come to life. Students often follow up with praise for Pamela and thanks to me for bringing her into the classroom to provide valuable lessons that can be applied right away to the job search!” —B. Aschwanden, President, Publishing Smarter

“Practical Tips and Real Life Experience”

“I attended Pamela’s webinar on resume writing with 15 of my graduating students and boy were we all happy we did! She shared a lot of practical tips and real life experiences to bring home the points she was making. I was also very happy that she had her participants mail her their resumes in advance and she took the time and effort to go through each resume and highlight the good, the bad and the ugly—a great learning experience indeed.” —S. Nene, Instructor, George Brown College

“Offered a Position That Was Perfect for Me”

“I recently moved to a metropolitan area and was looking for employment. I had virtually no experience with job boards or recruiters. In a small town environment, my current resume format would have landed me an interview, but applying for jobs in a large highly competitive market meant that response to that version of my resume posted on major job boards was sporadic at best, resulting in opportunities presented to me that were not even relevant to my skill set. After meeting with Pamela and revising my resume, I immediately posted the new version… and literally within 3 hours I received two calls from recruiters about appropriate opportunities. The next day was spent fielding responses from more than 12 recruiters for more than 15 positions—all of which were relevant to my skill set! Within 2 weeks I had interviews, and within 3 weeks was offered a position that was perfect for me. I received unsolicited comments from both interviewers and recruiters as to the professionalism of my newly revised resume, and how impressive it was. I credit Pamela for her insight into what works, what doesn’t, and what is needed to create a winning and effective resume.” —P. Cruickshank, Technical Writer

“Great Book That Is Easy to Read”

A great book that is easy to read with great tips on writing a resume. The information provided is valuable and I wished that I read the book earlier. Filled with practical examples that will give you insight on how to make your resume ready to flow through the process. —Laurentiu Dimitriu, Engineer

“Clear and Easy to Read with Excellent Advice”

Clear and very easy to read with excellent advice and tips to help you around the online job search jungle. I read the book in a day and have gone to work on my resume right away. I am confident now that the resume will actually be read by the HR person and not end up in the reject pile. Loved the insight that “Success is a system. Learn the resume system before you begin your resume and you can succeed”. Will recommend this book to all of my friends. —George Roua, Engineer

“A Must-Have Book for Job Hunting”

Pamela details how applicant tracking systems weed out some candidates and make others float to the top of the proverbial resume pool. A must-have book for job hunting in today’s market. —Jack Molisani, Recruiter

“A Fantastic Read for Anyone”

Pamela’s “Get the Job” is a very well written, readable guide to optimizing your resume for the online job search. The topic of the book was, at first, quite intimidating as I imagined tech speak that was aiming well above my comprehension level. When I opened the book, I was delighted to find how accessible the information presented was. This is a fantastic read for anyone who has, is, or may consider applying for work in today’s new job search climate. Give yourself the advantage… and “Get the Job”.  —Kristy Jacobs, Project Manager, Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board

“Insight On What Employers Are Looking For”

Having worked in HR for the last 5 years (mostly in recruitment) I have learned that there are certain resumes that stand out and then there are others you have no interest in reviewing. Pamela gives you the insight on what employers are looking for an how to perfect the best resume to land the perfect job. As recruiters continue to source applicants through online job sysyems and linked in and other social media avenues this book gives candidates ideas how to create their resume to get noticed. —Angela Beran, HR Specialist

“Pamela Gets It Right”

I have been a recruiter for the past 14 years and have worked in just about every functional area of business. I recommend anyone that is starting their job search to start off with this book. People don’t realize how much thought needs to go into what you put on a resume, but Pamela gets it right here. The book is written like a manual with very easy to follow chapters that easily lay out what you will be learning before you get to it. By looking at the table of contents, one could easily find an area to focus on with your resume which is great for the beginner as well as someone that feels they just need a little touching up. The book is written in simple terms and each chapter starts with an example of a situation that gives you an understanding as to WHY this works, not just what to do. I especially love that there are specific examples given of what NOT to do followed by what TO do. If the simple layout of the book wasn’t enough for someone, there is a great Appendix at the back that gives you a 2 page checklist for creating your resume with references to the page number for more details in the book. I really can’t see how you could go wrong here if you follow the simple instructions.
There were some minor areas where there could have been too much information. I’m not sure I agree with expanding your resume beyond 3 pages for instance. While as a recruiter I may be able to find the info I am looking for, I can’t tell you how many managers will try to put someone out of the running because of something so small. I need to always remind them that we aren’t hiring a resume writer and ask to focus on the skills :).
I will be recommending this book to friends outside the industry that ask me for help in their resume writing. Even with all the experience I have in the industry, there were a couple tips that I found helpful and will use to clean up my resume!. —J. Kruse, Recruiter

“Read It From Cover to Cover”

I highly recommend that every job seeker, no matter what your status, read this book. No others will hold a candle to it. I would not be able to describe how much I would be struggling, if it were not for this book. Just take the time to relax, put your feet up and read it from cover to cover. Building my resume came next (I had never done one due to years of service at my previous employer) and I used so many tips in that book while writing it. It actually does a wonderful job of preparing you for all aspects of your job search. —Winson Lau, IT programmer

“No Filler to Waste Your Time”

Throughout the book Paterson provides many true-life accounts of qualified IT Professionals who are being held back by substandard resumes and outdated job-hunting techniques. She then follows these anecdotes by explaining how she helped that person to better represent their abilities so that they could get the job. Within each of these stories she educates you as to how even the smallest changes can make the difference in your career. Paterson’s resume writing system is well-layed out and easy to follow.

The explanations as to why a chronological resume format is best, are well-thought out. Many helpful tips are included, such as reasons why you shouldn’t include your home address or list the version numbers of the software tools that you have worked with.

The Show, Don’t Tell examples are a must-read for any resume writer. There is also an insightful account about a job-hunter who wasn’t soliciting feedback on her resume. Too many of us aren’t willing to let friends and peers give our resumes the critical feedback that is required.

I also appreciate the size of the book. There’s no filler to waste your time. The Table of Contents and Index will make it easy to re-read this book to find out the area’s you are concerned about. —Stephen Dooley, IT Technical Writer

“Pamela Opened My Eyes”

I first attended Pamela’s lecture at Ryerson University. I was always aware the effects of Applicant Tracking Systems on online job search but not to the extent to what Pamela taught me. Pamela opened my eyes to how your resume is one the most important documents in your life. She really showed me that everyone has valuable experience to offer any employer, you just have to dig down deep enough and express it properly for people to believe you. I started reading her book the day after I purchased it and the difference between my old and new resume has been night and day. I am thankful that I attended Pamela’s lecture and purchased her book and I will be following her guidelines for years to come.—Basel Haddad, Engineering Intern (EIT) / Electrical Engineer Graduate, Ryerson University

“Her Services are Unique”

I’ve had the opportunity to host a Project Management Professional network group event for over 20 participants, with our guest speaker Pamela Paterson, bestselling Author of “Get The Job: Optimize Your Resume for The Online Job search” in coordination with a corporate sponsor Neetu Gill, General Manager of the Regus Corporate Center. It is my distinct pleasure to endorse Pamela, a resume writing coach. At the speaking event, Pamela has displayed a highly charismatic coaching presence with judgement of character that blends with her successful resume response rate. Pamela had successfully designed and provided help for those individuals who already know their career objectives but needed the coaching presence for a clearer idea of the value they can add to their resume that a potential employer would require which shows all the instincts of a good resume / career coach. Her services are unique and she has demonstrated her extensive industry experience to inform and clarify situations and critical judgements on various resume cases. Pamela displayed a sincere interest representing clients requiring resume coaching programs, and showed her professional concern for her clients progress. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Pamela without reservation. —Danny Ramlochan, PMP, Project Management Meetup

“Presentations are Stellar”

For a number of years, Pamela Paterson has provided career and resume advice to members of the Society for Technical Communication (STC),Toronto. I have been one of the many fortunate recipients of her expertise and enthusiasm. When I graduated as a technical communicator, Pamela helped me to polish my resume until it shone. Since then, I have found her to be a patient and generous mentor. Her presentations on interviewing strategies and resume structuring are stellar. STC Toronto is indeed fortunate to have Pamela as mentor and coach to both new and established technical communicators. —Lorna Poplak, Writer and Editor (Freelance) at Self-Employed

“Exceptional Advice”

Pam came to our office to share exceptional advice of how to ensure that your resume is seen by the right person when applying for a job online. Of course, skills and experience are invaluable- but there are so many other things to ensure that you are successful! She shared her story and allowed us to learn from her journey! I would recommend anyone to learn from her facilitation or her book! Thank you Pam! —Jennifer Holland, Caseworker, Social Services at City of Toronto

“Maximize Career Success”

Pamela facilitated an engaging and informative workshop at Time Change Women’s Employment Service to provide advice and guidance to help maximize career success. The participants of the workshop gave positive feedback and remained after to continue to talk to Pamela. Thank you, Pamela, for the great experience.—Cynthia Meshorer, Intake, Assessment and Employment Counsellor at Times Change Women’s Employment Service

“Expert Knowledge”

Pamela is a thoughtful, attentive and insightful Coach and Facilitator. She provides expert knowledge of strategic resume building while ensuring the resume content maintains integrity and presents the applicants best skills and qualifications for the job. If your not landing interviews chances are your resume is not being read. Pamela Paterson will provide you with the tools and knowledge you can implement right away and get you in front of the hiring committee. You will not be disappointed! —Nicola Edwards, Career Development Practitioner I PSE Instructor I Co-op Advisor, University of Guelph

“Easy to Read, to the Point, and Provides Excellent Tips”

Pamela’s book is very easy to read, to the point and provides excellent tips of what should/should not be on a resume when conducting a job search. As well, Pamela’s workshop was very informative and provided staff with great insight and tips on how to deconstruct and rebuild resumes to be successful when applying on line. I have been in the business of career advising for 19 years and still found many new and useful suggestions that I was quickly able to pass on to students and alumni.—Jill Ferguson, Manager, Employment Counselling and Career Development

“Inspiring Presentation”

I first met Pamela Paterson at the WITM Speaker Panel and Networking Night held at Ryerson University. Pamela’s experiences shared and energetic attitude were among of the key memorable aspects of her inspiring presentation. I wish Pamela the very best in all her endeavors, and continued success/growth. —Binwant Lail, Junior Consultant Human Resources Department at Halton Region

“Great Presentation”

Compilation of comments from the Editors’ Association of Canada National Conference:

“Great presentation with a lot of very valuable info for us. Thank you very much!”

“I wish we had more time. It was super helpful!”

“Loved it. Very practical info and immediately applicable. Instructor really knows her stuff.”

“Well worth it!”

“She gave so much info I couldn’t write fast enough.”

“Gave some interesting insights into systems I was unaware of but that may have a big impact on my ability to find the kind of jobs I want.”